Discover some of the craziest things that have ever been sent be air freight, you’ll be amazed how these giant machines fitted inside the belly of a plane.

It was only a hundred and thirteen years ago man took to the skies for the very first time and the planes were only just able to carry one person. Nowadays almost anything can be flown via air freight.

1. Planes

The sections of a plane are usually built in different factories around the globe and so when it comes time to put the aircraft together all the pieces have to be flown to the main assembly plant including the main fuselage.

2. Submarines

This is America’s deep sea submarine called “Mystic”, it is used for rescue mission and is flown to where it is urgently needed.

3. Space Rockets

Space rocket parts are also built in different factories, this picture shows one of the Apollo rocket sections being loaded into the belly of the famous Guppy aircraft.

4. Giant Cranes And Concrete Pumps

This is a giant mobile concrete pump that weighs around 100 tones, it manages to fit inside a specialized Russian cargo aircraft but it’s unbelievable that the plane can take off with all that weight..

5. Whales

Do you remember the movie Free Willy, it starred a Killer Whale called Kieko who is photographed above being sent to Iceland for his release back into the wild.

6. Ships

It certainly is a lot quicker to fly your boat to port than it is to sail it there.

7. Nuclear Powered Planes

After the second world war a plane manufacturer started experimenting with nuclear powered planes. These aircraft were quickly scraped after the fear of what might happen if one were to crash in a major city.

8. Hospitals

Orbis international made a flying hospital to help people with sight problems all over the world.

9. Helicopters

Helicopters aren’t able to cover the same distance as planes so to get them where they need to go air freight is once again called upon.

10. Trains

While some of the above machines might not seem so radical this one surely is, many trains are actually transported by planes.

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