Discover which incredible shots were the winners of this year’s National Geographic professional photographer competition.

1st Place – Sardine Run

Photo by Greg Lecoeur

The 2016 National Geographic professional photographer grand champion was Greg Lecoeur for this incredible shot of the sardine migration. Millions of sardines are preyed upon as they swim along the coast of South Africa and it took a fair amount of luck and patience to get this incredible photo.

1st Place – Dragging You Deep Into The Woods!

Photo by Varun Aditya

This photo took 1st place in the animal portrait category and was taken in an Indian rainforest.

1st Place – Struggle of Life

Photo by Jacob Kaptein

This professional photographer was the winner of the landscape category. It features a tree sitting alone in a Netherlands forest with nothing but the moon to illuminate it.

Here are some of the professional photographer runners up who also had some amazing photos.

Pacific Storm

Photo by Santiago Borja

This amazing shot was taken over the Pacific Ocean just a few miles south of Panama City. Nature was kind enough to help professional photographer out and lit up the whole sky with a bolt of lightening just long enough for Santiago to get this incredible photo.

Serendipitous Green Meteor

Photo by Prasenjeet Yadav

This photo was a once in a lifetime opportunity to get because green meteors are so rare to see. It was taken while Prasenjeet and his friend were camping on a mountain range in South India. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

Crow Chasing Puffy Owl

Photo by Lawrence Chia Boon Oo

This photo was taken during an early September afternoon along a riverbank at Pasir Ris Park in east Singapore. A crow was trying to chase off a buffy fish owl who had flown a bit too close to the crows nest.

Puffin studio

Photo by Mario Suarez Porras

This shot was taken on Skomer Island in Wales which is home to the largest colony of puffins in the United Kingdom.

No Snow, No Ice?

Photo by Patty Waymire

This solitary bear was shot by professional photographer Patty on Barter Island in Alaska. This time of the year there should be snow but as you can see from the bear’s posture he is sad because there is none.

Proud Momma

Photo by Michael O’Neill

This photo of female peacock bass was taken in a freshwater lake in Miami, Florida. It shows a proud mother defending her young from predators.

Action Jellyfish Feast

Photo by Scott Portelli

Here is something you don’t see very often, two turtles feasting on a jelly fish. It was taken on a dive in Byron Bay, Australia.

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