This optical illusions online gallery will totally blow your mind. Which ones do you think are animated and which ones are just illusions?

Well they could blow your mind or break it, for sure. Only scroll down this page if you are a fan of optical illusions. When you look at each of these images you might be compelled to think that some are animated. But every single one is a single images with no animation. The way our eyes and our brain registers certain patterns can make us think there is movement where actually there is none.

Are you feeling trippy classic non animated illusion

Octagon clockwork bubbles non animated illusion

Left or right? Make up your own mind with this nail dented pattern

Please… Just stop moving

The amazing flying arrows

Spiral snakes pattern

Push pin reverse clockwise pattern

these illusion can keep you engaged for hours. The problem is that the harder you look at them. The harder it is to stop them from looking like they are moving. These modern versions of optical illusions are in a JPG digital format. But artists have also been playing with these effects for hundred of year. Any painting you see that has a 3D effect is made in a similar way.

It tricks the mind into think it os seeing one thing. When in fact is is seeing something totally different. If you do not see any movement on some of these illusion trying looking slightly to the left or right of the image. Your peripheral vision will kick start the illusion very quickly.

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